The rules of sitting on the back of the bike changed

 The rules of sitting on the back of the bike changed

In view of the increasing number of road accidents, the government has decided to make some changes in the construction of vehicles and the facilities available to reduce them.

 The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has made changes in several regulations in view of safety. Then some new rules are also implemented. The ministry's new guideline has been released for bike riders. The guideline states that people sitting on the back seat of a bike driver should follow these rules. The new rules are as follows.

Hand held behind driver's seat

Guidelines for light container installation

Also a new guideline for tires

1. Hold hands behind driver's seat

According to the ministry's guidelines, it is necessary to hold hands on both sides of the back seat of the bike. There is a hand hold for the safety of the occupants. If the bike driver suddenly brakes, he can catch it. Along with this, a stand with legs on both sides is required for those sitting back. At least half of the left side of the rear tire of the bike should be securely covered. So that the clothes of the person sitting behind do not fall into the wheel.

Instructions for installing 2 lightweight containers

The ministry has issued guidelines to install light containers in bikes. The length of this container should not exceed 550 mm, width 510 mm and height 500 mm. Only the driver will be allowed if the container is placed in the rear riding position. Meaning no one else sits on the bike. The other person can sit on the bike when mounted behind the rear seat.

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3. New guidelines regarding tires

The government has recently released a new guideline on tires. Under this, a tire pressure monitoring system has been recommended for vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons. The sensor in this system provides information about the air condition in the vehicle's tires. The ministry has also considered tire service. Applying this will eliminate the need for additional tires in the car. The government has been making changes in road safety rules from time to time. In the last few years, the emphasis has been on tightening of road safety regulations.

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