Phone Doctor Best Tester for Android App

Phone Doctor Best Tester for Android App

The Ultimate Phone Examiner - 30 Hardware Tests, Best Tester for Android

Over 30 types of hardware and system diagnostics to help you discover unseen smartphone problems. The market value assessment of the used smartphone, instant positioning and price comparison system gives you a convenient and quick trade-in channel based on the status of the phone.

The newly-added "" one-tap test "", "" battery test "" and "" refreshed interface "", and tests designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

* Who needs Phone Doctor Plus *
* People who are selling their smartphones: Instant price evaluation and price comparison system and objective certificate by Phone Doctor Plus to help you find the most suitable sales channel.

* People who are buying new smartphones: Quick inspection of new phones will help you avoid defective new phones.
* People who are buying used smartphones: Easily filter problematic phones to find select phones that offer good value for money.

* People who like playing with smartphones: Performs system optimization and test work to maintain a correct and smooth user experience.

1. Accurate Price Evaluation: Conduct price appraisals and price comparisons of used smartphones based on test results, and support online trading activities of used phones.

2. Test more than 30 types of hardware inside and out: Detect unseen internal problems within 3 minutes.

3. System Monitoring and Optimization Settings: Integrate hardware, battery, memory, and storage monitoring to help optimize your device.

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4. Battery monitoring and optimization: extend battery service and save battery usage.

5. Monitoring Mobile Data Status and Usage: Analyze network issues to show mobile data usage and prevent overuse of mobile data quota.

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