PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme 2020: Government will withdraw money in the accounts of such beneficiaries

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme 2020: Government will withdraw money in the accounts of such beneficiaries

Every effort is being made to maintain transparency in the Prime Minister's Kisan Nidhi Yojana, the biggest farmer scheme of the Modi government. Money in the account of wrong people is also being returned. Another preparation has been made to make everything transparent. Now 5 percent farmers will be verified to know the eligibility of beneficiaries. The verification process will be led by the District Collector, the Ministry of Agriculture said.

So if you are taking money by giving wrong information, then be careful. Either you get caught up in 5 percent physical verification or your account will be withdrawn very loudly. The government is trying to get the money in the hands of the right people.

There is a system at the district level for verification. The Ministry wants the nodal officers of this new scheme in the states to regularly monitor the verification process. An outside agency can also join it if felt necessary. Only those who have benefited will be tested.

The government has withdrawn money from so many people

As of December 2019, the government has withdrawn funds from the accounts of 1,19,743 beneficiaries across eight states. There was no similarity between the names of the beneficiaries and their papers. The currency transaction process has been made more rigorous under this scheme. The verification process has been adopted. So that such an new incident does not happen again.

How will verification be done?
Validation based on beneficiary data is also required. If a related agency does not find similarity with Aadhaar in the details received, it will have to amend or change the information of the beneficiaries of the respective states or union territories.

Money is thus refunded if it is disturbed
The Union Agriculture Ministry has written a letter to states that if ineligible people are instructed to lure, how will their money be returned. According to the CEO of the scheme, Vivek Agarwal, it is a big scheme and there is high probability of disturbances.

If the money is transferred to the account of ineligible people, it will be withdrawn from the direct benefit transfer. The bank will deposit the money in a separate account and return it to the state government. The state government will have to withdraw the money from the ineligible person and deposit it in The names of the people will be removed before the next installment is announced.

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Find out who doesn't benefit
Former or current constitutional officials, current ministers, mayors, district panchayat presidents, MLAs, MLCs, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs will not get money even on farming.
Central or state government officials and farmers receiving pension above Rs 10,000 will not get the benefit.
Professionals, doctors, engineers, CAs, lawyers, architects, whoever is doing farming, will be of no avail.
Farmers who paid income tax in the last financial year will be deprived of this benefit.

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