Modi government takes a big decision on the sale of gutkha, tobacco and alcohol, know details

Modi government takes a big decision on the sale of gutkha, tobacco and alcohol, know details

New Delhi: The lockdown has been extended for 19 days for the second time by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which means that the lockdown was announced by 3 May. The Union Home Ministry has since announced the guidelines. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that after April 20, concessions will be given in many areas. For which the Ministry of Home Affairs has announced the guidelines. According to the guidelines, the sale of alcohol, gutkha and tobacco has been completely banned. The Guide Lines clearly state that spitting in public places can also result in punishment and fine. According to the guidelines, people are required to wear masks.

According to the guidelines, five or more people are banned from visiting any institution or public place. Those involved in workplace and transportation services have also been entrusted with the responsibility of complying with social distinctions. People have also been asked to maintain one-hour intervals in their workplace during two shifts in the workplace.

According to the guidelines, employees who have children below five years of age or an elderly household should be provided work. All the organizations have been asked to sanitize the office after the shift is over.

Additionally, all employees should use thermal screening and sanitizers during their hyper-fever. It has been said to maintain distance even during lunch. Guide Lines states that all types of flights will be completely closed except cargo. In this way all public transport services are also banned. Auto rickshaw, taxi and cab services will also be closed.


Guidelines are also given to block social groups. Religious sites are also banned in any scheme or ceremony. Barring medical emergencies, people have been banned from moving from one district to another.

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