National Digital Library of India Mobile Application.

 National Digital Library of India Mobile Application.

Under its National Policy on Information and Communication Technology, the Department of Human Resource Development has launched the National Digital Library of India (NDL India) pilot project to develop a single-window search archive. Filters and organizational search function to facilitate focused search so that students find the right resource with minimal effort and a small amount of time. NDL India is designed to capture content in any language and provide support for the development of advanced local languages.

Plans were made to provide support to researchers and students for life, all disciplines, all popular types of access devices and all levels of education, including various students. It is developed to allow students to learn and prepare for the best practices in the world to prepare for entry and competition tests, as well as to help researchers perform experimental cross-examination.


It is always a window-shaped search feature for dynamic digital content

Different ways to browse: browse by content type, browse by source, browse by topic and browse by type of reading app.

Search Browse by search filters and filter-based filtering options

Users Compatible Content for different levels of users

A subject that is available in a variety of fields: Technology and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences etc.

 The application and content can be accessed in three different languages: English, Hindi and Bengali

Important Link ✒ Install App

Note to users:

The status of your phone should create an ID (required) specifically by encrypting certain details of your phone status and this ID initiates the NDL API handshake to establish a connection. This is a way to ensure and strengthen security. Please allow all permissions to enable mandatory security features.

This is a very good app, bcz it really helps me to access many resources easily. I found the NDLI a very useful application for all students. You should use this! This will help you in many areas like getting a exam paper, and reading books and you can use this app to learn new languages ​​etc.

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