Magic Call Voice Changer for Android app

 Magic Call Voice Changer for Android app

Hear the call in a way you have never seen before with MagicCall - Voice Changer App


Magic Call Voice Changer for Android app Change your voice in real time and have fun with friends.

Features of Magic Call App - Voice change during call

1. Enjoy the REAL-TIME voice switch on the phone. Use a woman's voice changer, baby voice changer App cartoon voice changer, etc.

2. Switch between words during a call

3. Get FREE credits by signing up for the first time

4. Check your voice before making a call

5. The cheapest way to make a funny call

6. Play sound icons like kissing, clapping, etc. in the middle of the fence

બધી તસ્વીરો જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Official Partnership with BalajMotionPictures for New Movie! DREAM GIRL

New Voice Now Available in App

- Dream Girl Voice Change Voice Like DreamGirl


Have fun and go to the next level WITH THE BACK WORDS on MagicCall. Use the sound of rain, Happy Birthday Background, Traffic Sound Background and Music Concert while chatting with friends on the phone.


The Magic Call app has many words like female voice changer, cartoon voice changer, male voice changer etc. By using this application you can:

1. Change the word to feminine

2. Change the voice to masculine

3. Speak like a cartoon

4. Select the Normal Voice option to make and normal call


• Select Voice. Example - Male, Female and Cartoons etc.


Select Background. Example Happy Birthday, Traffic and Rain Background, Music Concert.

• Select a contact or dial a number

• Start your MagicCall

• When the phone is connected, the voice switch will convert your voice to the selected voice. And after that, you can enjoy listening to your friend's humorous responses and reactions.

Important Link

Download Magic Call Voice Changer

See and Win with MagicCall

- Create a unique link and share with friends

- Every time your friend downloads the new App you will get a scratch card

- Win Fun cash prizes with a Scratch card

- You can use or purchase MagicCall credits

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