Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal 2021

 Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal 2021

Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal: Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal Getting a job has undoubtedly been a source of concern among the citizens of our country over the years. Therefore, the Government of Gujarat has created a beautiful platform called the new Anubandham Rojgar Portal for youth and working class people. Currently, more than 27,482 employers and 2,05,002 applicants are registered on the platform, with more than 33445 people being sent to various jobs.

Anubandham Gujarat Rojgar Portal 2021

This site is specifically designed for job search by the Gujarat Department of Labor and Public Works. After signing up, this site allows job seekers to search for jobs. Going forward, we've talked about all the information you need to get a well-registered ad that benefits from this website.

Wat Is Anubandham Rojgar Portal?

Anubandham Rojgar Portl is a step taken by the Gujarat government for Jobseekers. It works as a bridge and connects Job Applicants and service providers to a single location. This portal provides services based on applicant skills and preferences. rapid management and registration.

Highlights and steps of the Anubandham Rojgar Portal

Now that you know what the Anubandham new Rojgar Portal is, let's take a look at all the important information and process of the portal.

Before you begin, review the following new steps to get a better understanding of the Anubandham website.

1. Navigate to the site.

2.Sign up

To gain access to the site, enter your username and password.

4.Set / Edit the Job Inspector profile.

5. See Work.

6.Use Work

7.Give Conversation

8. Preference for Position.

9. Participate in an employment show.

Change password if necessary.

How to sign up for Anubandham Portal?

In this section, we will go through the Anubandham Portal registration process. Follow these steps to sign up for this job search site.

  • Visit the official Anubandham Portal website This will be the "Registration" option at the top.
  • You will find the "Job Search" option by selecting the "Registration" tab.
  • Enter your mobile number and email address to access "Seeker Search"
  • To receive an emergency notification, you will need an email address.
  • After that the form will enter the mobile number.
  • Press the "Next" button. After that, you will receive an OTP on the specified mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP site to get the standard application form.
  • To continue the application, you will need to fill in the following details: First Name, Middle Name, Surname, Address, City, PIN, Country and Region.
  • After you have completed all these steps, select the "Next" option.
  • The request "Subscribe" will now be displayed. Here you must provide a different ID type, a different ID number, login details and phone number.
  • You can sign up with a phone number or email address as well.
  • After that, set a strong password and double check it.
  • Then press the "Submit" button. Your subscription will end successfully thereafter.
  • How to Edit an Election Profile at

Follow the steps provided to edit your profile at

When you're ready to make changes to your profile, select the "edit" option. The profile will open right in front of you.

Now, you will need to fill in some other details that will be automatically filled in, including, your name, surname, middle name, phone number, email address, unique ID type and unique ID number. You will need to add the following areas by hand: your photo, gender, date of birth, concrete, job status and language skills.

The address is already in the Address bar of the Application Form: you will need to fill in a city, pin code, city / town, state and region.

Details of your qualifications are the next important step. All educational details, including training or other diplomas, must be included in this form. Most recent academic achievements, subject matter technology, diploma or other evidence, board / university, grade / marks, year of passing, course title and name of achievement.

Select the "Next" option. Your time now to complete the employer's working conditions. If they are currently employed, they should also be noted here, as well as specified.

On this page, you should describe your current job, industry where your job, application location, employer name, job division, company or organization name, and you need to enter registration date, your current job and work status, your current salary, and your motivation to quit function.

The next step would be to evaluate the nominee's physical characteristics, including their height, weight, disability, and if so, and then provide the certificate, quantity of certificate and accreditation.

You have reached the final stage of the registration process, which includes your preferred job location, job type, and proposed salary.

Important  Detalis Of Anubandhanm Portal

Official Wabsite Click Here

Official Website App Click Here

Employment Cell Number 63-57-390-390

Employment Cell Address Block No 1 3rd Floor Dr Jivraj Mahta Bhvan Old Secretariat, Gandinagar,Gujarat -382010

The conclusion

The Gujarat government has taken this positive effort to increase employment nationwide. It is recommended that all job seekers go and register at Anubandham Rojgar Porta.

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