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The night curfew in Gujarat has been extended with a big discount

 The night curfew in Gujarat has been extended with a big discount

Starting tomorrow, Lari-Galla and shops are allowed to remain open from 9 am to 3 pm in partial lockout all over Gujarat.

Government's big decision on night curfew in Gujarat

Announcement of partial lockout in Gujarat

Lorry-shops and shops will remain open in partial lockdown

The government has taken a big decision regarding the lockdown in Gujarat. The implementation of the partial lockdown will begin tomorrow. There has also been news of relief for lorries and shopkeepers. From tomorrow, lorries and shops will be open from 9 am to 3 pm due to partial lockout. This partial lockdown has been extended until 27 May. After which the new rules will be announced according to the situation. It was announced in Pipavav. However, night curfew will continue in 36 cities.

All shops, business establishments, lorries, shopping complexes, marketing yards, haircutting salons, beauty parlors as well as other business activities will be open from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.

The restaurants will be able to offer take away and home delivery from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Weekly Gujari / Bazaar / Hat, educational institutions and coaching centers (except online education), cinema theaters, auditoriums, assembly halls, water parks, public parks, recreation sites, gyms, spas, swimming pools will remain closed.

During this period a maximum of 50 (fifty) persons will be allowed in open or closed places for marriage. The provision for registration for marriage on the Digital Gujarat portal is unchanged.

ગુજરાતીમાં ન્યુઝ વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

A maximum of 20 (twenty) persons will be allowed for funeral / burial.

Government, semi-government, boards, corporations, banks, finance technology related services, cash transaction services, clearing house of banks, ATM / CDM. Ensure up to 50% attendance of employees in repairers, stock exchanges, stock brokers, insurance companies and all types of private offices. This provision does not apply to essential services.

All types of political, social, religious, cultural, educational, programs / meetings will be completely closed.

Sports can be continued without the presence of spectators in the sports complex / sports stadium / campus.

All places of worship will remain closed to the public. Daily worship / rituals at religious sites should be performed only by the administrators / priests of religious places.

Public bus transport will continue at maximum 50% passenger capacity

The following essential services / activities will continue during this period without any control.

Services directly related to operation of Kovid-19 as well as services related to essential / urgent services will continue.

Medical, paramedical and allied health services.

Oxygen production and delivery systems.

Dairy, milk-vegetable, fruit-fruit production, distribution and sales and its home delivery service.

Vegetable market and fruit market will continue.

All online services for the sale and distribution of grocery, bakery, all types of food items.

Grain and seasoning bells

Home Tiffin Services and Take Away Facility Services from Hotel / Restaurant.

Internet / Telephone / Mobile Service Provider / IT and it. related services.

Print and electronic media, newspaper distribution.

Petrol, diesel, LPG / CNG / PNG related pumps, operation of production unit, port of loading, terminal deposits, plant and related transportation, distribution and repair services

Post and courier service

Personal protection service

Animal feed, feed and veterinary and treatment related services

Production, transportation and supply management of agricultural operations, pest control and other essential services

All services related to transportation, storage and distribution of the above essential goods.

Interstate, intra-city and inter-city transportation services and related e-commerce services.

All types of manufacturing / industrial units and raw material supply units will continue and transportation for their staff will continue. Meanwhile, strictly follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Construction related activities will continue during which Kovid-19 related guidelines will have to be strictly followed.

During this time, the bank management will have to ensure that the money supply in the ATM remains constant.

Everyone should strictly follow face covers, masks and social distinctions.

This business will be closed

Educational institution

Tuition classes



assembly Hall

water park

public garden

interesting places

The salon


beauty parlor

The gym

swimming pool

This will lead to the closure of all malls and commercial complexes.

Only essential services will continue during the night curfew. Also, the following matters will also be implemented.

Sick persons, pregnant women, persons with disabilities will be allowed to accompany the attendant for treatment.

Passengers must be allowed to travel by presenting a train, airport ST or city bus ticket.

Weddings cannot take place during the night curfew.

Citizens / officers / employees associated with the required service will be required to present the required identity card during the transfer.

Persons discharged in unavoidable circumstances must allow the transfer by presenting their identity card, prescription, treatment papers and other evidence.

An officer / employee on duty will have to show a humane attitude with those who have gone out in unavoidable circumstances.

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