Gujarat ITI PDF List of Driver's License

 Gujarat ITI PDF List of Driver's License

Gujarat ITI PDD List of Learner's n License All Gujarat RTO offices conduct a computer-based driver's license test. It also helps to know the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) License, Heavy Motor automobile (HMV). Here we have found two learning modes and test modes that allow you to know the RTO test and remove the concern for failure and help to complete the RTO exam with complete confidence.


Question Bank:

● This section deals with the full list of questions and answers provided by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Also, it gives you full details of the driver's license.

● Road Signs: Traffic and road signs, road traffic rules and their meaning.

Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with:

● Once you have completed the first phase, it is time to practice. In this section, you can practice fun without any kind of time limits. All questions have three options, you can choose one of them as an MCQ test.


● Similar to the RTO test, random questions and questions related to road signs will be asked in this test. Time limits help sharpen your mind and prepare you for a direct RTO test. All inquiries are made after your result will be displayed on the screen and you can also see your full scorecard by clicking the school card view button.

RTO codes:

● This section gives you details of the RTO code. First, you can select the State and then behind the selected city you want the RTO code. you can search for RTO codes in various countries and cities in India.

Important Document:

● In this section, you can find a list of all the important and legal documents required to manage when you go for an RTO test or a driver's license registration.

Driving Rules:

● In this section, you can access the full list of various driving laws and their fines levied by the Regional Department of Transportation.

License process:

● Finally, you can find the complete procedure on how to apply for an RTO test or a driver's license test. This RTO Driving license test is divided into two parts

1) Step by step get your learner's driving license

2) Step-by-step process get your permanent driver's license.

Important Link

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Country / Language Selection: You can change the status and language at any time! The app will display details in the language you prefer.

● Forms: Important RTO-related forms are available within the app. You can find and download forms according to your needs.

● RTO Office details: Select a city for the RTO office address and contact details

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