Education Minister Bhupendrasinh made the biggest announcement regarding mass promotion in schools

 Education Minister Bhupendrasinh made the biggest announcement regarding mass promotion in schools

Their exam will be based on the syllabus taught online.

The government has refused to give mass promotion to primary schools. There were reports for mass promotion in the media that the state's primary schools had yet to physically begin amid the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that there were no plans to give mass promotion to students due to the epidemic. State new Education Minister Chudasama said, Exams will be conducted before promoting students to the next academic class."

He further said that, Chudasama told our correspondent Times of India that the students of classes 1 to 8 and 9 will undergo exams and their exams will be based on the online syllabus taught by the schools. The examination will be taken on the basis of the syllabus taught in the exam.

All options for taking the new exam are being considered," he said. The most appropriate option will be considered. An alternative is to give students a question paper at home and have it checked by teachers. Another option is to have the student called in schools with a very limited number of batches and give their exams there.

While the third option is online examination. This is the least likely new option as students in rural areas have very limited smartphone and computer facilities through which they can take online exams. There will be a high-level meeting on how to conduct the examination, in which each party will present its point. Based on which the most acceptable option will be adopted.

Bharat Gazipara, president of the Gujarat Self-Finance School Management Association, said the exams should be taken to make online meaningful. If students are given mass new promotion, then the credibility of online education will be questioned."

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ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

On behalf of the parents of the all students, the All Gujarat Board of Guardians demanded mass promotion of the students as the schools were physically closed during the core period. He argued that it would not be appropriate to take the exam as online teaching in rural areas was very limited. Whereas the Government believes that all options should be considered before taking any decision.

On the other hand, the school management has increased the pressure on the state government to reopen the schools as many parents have refused to pay the fees as the schools are not physically open. School trustees said that if school starts, all parents will be encouraged to pay the fees. Corona has tha caused a lot of damage to schools. '

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