Now you have to pay a charge for depositing or withdrawing money in the bank

 Now you have to pay a charge for depositing or withdrawing money in the bank

Since November 1, 2020, several new banking regulations have come into force. Some banks have started charging customers to deposit or withdraw cash during bank holidays and non-business hours. However, Jan Dhan account holders are relieved of these rules and will not have to pay any fee.

  • Bad news for bank account holders
  • Now there is a charge to deposit or withdraw money
  • Jan Dhan account holders were relieved of these rules

If the current or overdraft account holder deposits more than one lakh rupees in a day, he will have to pay a fee. Senior citizens do not have to pay this fee.

According to a report, ICICI Bank has started charging a convenience fee of Rs 50 from customers for depositing cash in ATM machines during non-business hours from 1 November to 6 pm to 8 am.

Also, if you deposit more than Rs 10,000 a month in a cash acceptor or recycling machine, once or many times, the bank will charge a fee.

ICICI Bank said that no such fee will be levied on senior citizens, basic savings account, Jan Dhan account and blind as well as students' accounts.

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Bank of Baroda has also started charging customers for transactions exceeding the stipulated amount. Axis Bank has started charging a facility fee of Rs 50 for depositing money on bank holidays from August.

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