Indiannica Learning Edizi plans Indiannica Quiz League-2020

 Indiannica Learning Edizi plans Indiannica Quiz League-2020.

Indiannica Learning Edizi plans Indiannica Quiz League-2020. Therefore, quizzes are available on digital platforms for students of Std. 6 to 8. Accordingly, students of government schools under the jurisdiction of your district are requested to instruct from their level that they are voluntarily registered in the quiz competition.

Indiannica Learning Quiz League Private Limited a subsidiary of Quiz League-2020 Navneet Education Limited is pleased to launch the first edition of Indiannica Quiz League IQL for students of classes 6 to 8 across India. This initiative stems from our mission to enrich the experiences of the learners which we associate with our tradition of successfully hosting quizzes in various parts of the country in association with the prestigious.

Students from across the country can participate in Quiz League-2020the preliminary rounds by registering through India's new educational app - India, Learn and Play. Following a screening process based on just leader board scores, teams of two will participate in the zonal, semi-final and final rounds.

Participants can win exciting prizes at each stage and winners in the final round will be awarded a scholarship for R.S. 2,00,000. The school with the most registrations will be awarded the Knowledge Beacon Award.

Indiannica Quiz League IQL  Quiz League-2020 has introduced a unique way of team formation that will make this quiz a fun and rich interactive learning experience. The team will be formed in the zonal round. Participants who clear the written round will advance to the next round of quizzing in two teams. For the first time, two teams will be drawn through a lot of random draws. This exciting new format will offer participants the opportunity to build new relationships and connect with peers from different schools, cities, and cultures - making this a truly unique learning experience!

About Bharatiya Net Learning Private Limited Mission:

IndianNet  Learning Pvt Ltd Quiz League-2020 a subsidiary of Navneet Education Limited, is a leader in products since 1998 that promotes knowledge and learning.

The company has a specialized product list that includes textbooks, interactive student and teacher resources, teacher training materials, educational, teaching and information products as well as specialized curriculum learning solutions. As the exclusive licensee of global educational publisher Encyclopपीdia Britannica Curricular Solutions, we continue our collaboration with global educational publisher Encyclop ब्रिटdia Britannica, with schools, parents and teachers in the 21st century classroom and today's home learning environment. is.

Prepare by partnering with Navneet new Education Limited, Indianica Learning 2020 has further accelerated its growth in the curriculum business while retaining its core values   of expanding its products and dissemination of knowledge and promoting learning without limitations.

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