Flipkart and Amazon will get big discounts

 Flipkart and Amazon will get big discounts

Amazon and Flipkart will start selling this week before the festive season. The Amazon Great Indian new Festival 2020 will go on sale from October 16 for Prime subscribers and October 17 for all others. Flipkart's Big Billion Days 2020 sale will start at 12 noon for Plus members and October 16 for everyone else.

 Both these cell phones, televisions, laptops, speakers and other technology products will be introduced.

Compare before purchase

It is a common fact that most people shop online during the festive season sales. Both Amazon and Flipkart are known for matching prices to some common purchases during the sale. If you want to buy an iPhone during the Big Billion Days 2020 Sale, first see how much it costs on Amazon. Sales of the Great Indian Festival 2020 are receiving very good returns on big screen TVs, so first check out how much Flipkart's Big Billion Days 2020 is getting.

Both Amazon and Flipkart announce their best offer before sale

One thing that has changed a lot in the last few years is that both Amazon and Flipkart are announcing their best offers before the sale. This year is no different, with Flipkart and Amazon announcing sales of their festive season earlier than usual and then using the available time to offer some great returns on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other products.

How many great deals and lowest prices

While hundreds of deals are live, it is difficult for Flipkart and Amazon to navigate to make these sales come alive. How great deals and lowest prices are presented during this sale. But chances are you will have a hard time identifying these items that you really need to buy. The best new deals last from a few minutes to an hour. It will be available again the next day if you are lucky but if you do not want to take a chance. You just have to be more discriminating against the people you new represent towards other people.

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Add your shopping product to your shopping cart

Planning for sales this online holiday season is great. If you both want to save money, and save yourself from making hasty purchases, make a list of such products. Which you have to buy during the Big Billion Days 2020 and Great Indian Festival 2020 sales. Add your shopping product to your shopping cart or your wish list.

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