Document scanner app download made in india

Document scanner app download made in india

Mobile document scanner app and PDF creator app to scan documents on the fly

Document Scanner and PDF Creator App - An Indian scanner app that gives you more advanced scan options than any other app on the store.
We provide over 50 tools for editing and managing documents. Let us begin the detailed description of the app.

Sometimes you need your various documents scanned multiple times in a single day. In that case if everything goes as planned then you definitely will not suffer much. But if the need to scan that document arises one by one it will be a disaster to be sure.

To save you from that situation, we bring a portable doctor scanner for you. This dock scanner lets you scan your documents anytime, anywhere.

The app also has some additional features that make your document look more professional and good after scanning.

* Scan your document.
* Increase scan quality automatically / manually.
* Enhancements include smart cropping and many more.
* Optimize your PDF in modes like B / W, Lighten, Color and Dark.
* Turn scan into clear and fast PDF.
* Manage your doctor in folders and sub folders.
* Share PDF / JPEG files.
* Print and fax the scanned doctor directly from the application.
* Upload dock to cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox etc.
* Scan QR code / Bar-code.
* Create QR Code.
* Share scan QR code.
* Removes noise and converts its old documents into a clear and fast.
* Can create PDF in various sizes from A1 to A-6 and like postcards, letters, notes etc.

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