The land is uncultivated; Only Cess has to be paid

The land is uncultivated; Only Cess has to be paid

Any farmer approving a plan on his land; Receiving title reports, the non-agricultural cess may be presented to the government and used as non-agricultural: radical changes by the government to close the doors of non-agricultural corruption in the Department of Revenue; Will be pushed to collector's office

Across Gujarat, including Rajkot, top sources have indicated that the state government will soon come out with an important and relief-oriented reform bill that will integrate the non-agricultural process. Any farmer can now deposit the amount of non-arable purpose cess of the state government in 7/12 without going to the collectorate for non-cultivation of his land as well as the place where his land is to be cut as per the rules. is.

There are indications that the Gujarat state government will soon implement a new system, under which people can use their land for non-agricultural purposes, for which their land is being cleared. It has been learned from top sources that the revenue department of Gujarat is working hard for this.

District collector has been given power for non-cultivation in the state including Rajkot. The state government is bringing a new amendment bill to bring more transparency in the non-farming process and to get rid of middlemen. Will be noted

According to the top sources of the Gujarat Revenue Department, if a new amendment bill is passed in the assembly by the state government and approved by the governor, any farmer in the state, including Rajkot, has his land converted into residential, industrial or commercial areas. It will be done. will be presented.

Before depositing this amount, he will receive the plan on his land in the land approved by the competent authority and he will obtain a clear report of title of his land from the District Collector and attach it only to the state government with his application and the scheme ends. has occurred. The state government will only report all the evidence that has been deposited.

And will be able to use their land directly for non-agricultural purposes. Thus no farmer will have to go to the state government authority i.e. district collector to make his land non-agricultural and the state government wants to fully cover the practice of non-agriculture and big corruption. Also aims to make the non-agricultural process completely transparent.

Meanwhile, according to information received from top sources, the Gujarat State Government is bringing an entirely new facility to the entire state including Rajkot. Soon a new amendment bill has been prepared by the Department of Revenue to study all the laws, so that no errors remain. Non-agriculture is rife with corruption. The Chief Minister himself had earlier indicated that there is widespread corruption in the revenue department and since then the state government has made the non-agricultural process online.

Now the state government has also ended this online process and in its own way, gives the farmer all the necessary supporting evidence in his land such as title report, all promulgation records, approved plans, zoning certificates and other non-agricultural purpose directly to the state government. Has to be submitted. Can directly use his land for non-farming. Thus a transparent process by the state government is going to be implemented soon.

ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરોઃ 

For this, the Revenue Department is now preparing to add a note of non-agricultural cess with agricultural cess in extracting 7/12 to all the farmers of the state including Rajkot and preparing a new improved digital record by the revenue department of Gandhinagar. Its being done. If it is enacted, the bill would completely curb corruption in non-agriculture and there are indications from top sources that farmers may use their land for non-agricultural purposes.

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