Turned off another television idea to keep people at home, cricket lovers will grow

A 21-day lockout has been announced in the country due to the corona virus. After the lockdown, it has been decided to re-air various old serials to entertain people at home. While it is also getting good response, it has now been decided to re-air the old match highlights on DD Sports.


The most memorable matches of the 2000s will be shown
Highlights from 3 matches of the 2003 TR Series on Tuesday.
A total of 20 match highlights will be shown over 8 days.
DD Sports has announced the importance of cricketers staying at home after the lockout. Now tomorrow on April 7, DD Sports will feature the most memorable matches of the 2000s. The Government of India and the Board of Control for Cricket in India have come together to take this decision. After that, the excitement of watching old matches between cricketers has increased. Tomorrow, various memorable matches will be shown on stage.

Highlights of 3 matches of the India-Australia-New Zealand 2003 Tri Series will be broadcast on Tuesday. India won the match by 37 runs. And Australia won the final match by 37 runs. Sachin Tendulkar scored 102 and Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 runs in the match. India lost the match due to Duckworth Lewis rule.

A total of 20 match highlights will be shown in 8 days from tomorrow. Which includes 19 ODIs and one Test match. And on 13 April 2001 there will be a memorable match of the year in which Laxman played a historic innings in the Kolkata Test. The last day will be shown on April 14 in the 2005 ODI matches between India and Sri Lanka.

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