The wealthiest people of the country see how much they donated their wealth, both on top of Gujarati wealth

The country is fighting the corona virus crisis. They are all contributing in their own way. The woes of the corporate world have opened their vault. Let's know who has donated so much.


As the country unites to fight the corona virus, businesses are also contributing in their own way. Leading business leaders like the Tata Group, Azim Premji Foundation, Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani and Mahindra have come forward for the charity.

Tata group:

Ratan Tata and Tata Group are world famous for charity. At that time, Tata Trust has decided to donate Rs 500 crore and the Tata group company will donate Rs 1,000 crore.

Reliance Company:

Reliance Company is India's top company. Then in the fight against Corona, the Ambani family decides to open their treasury. The Reliance Company has decided to donate Rs 5–5 crores to the Chief Minister Relief Fund in Maharashtra and Gujarat and another 500 crore rupees, a foundation run by his wife involved in providing food for the poor. A 100-bed hospital is also being set up in Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani is new currently the richest tha person in the country.

Paytm Company Rs 500 Crore

500 crores through online payment company Paytm. Company owner Vijay Shekhar Sharma also shared this information on social media. According to the Forbes list, Vijay Shekhar Sharma is ranked 56.


Auto sector veteran Anand Mahindra has also decided to provide celery for the corona virus. Nevertheless, Mahindra Holiday had offered to use the resort as a hospital. Apart from this, he has also decided to make a ventilator for Corona virus victims in his factory.


Gautam Adani, the owner of the Adani company, has decided to give Rs 100 crore. Gautam Adani is the second richest person in the country according to the 2019 Forbes list. Apart from this, Sajjan Jindal, owner of Jindal Company, also donated Rs 100 crore.


In the fight against Corona, Vedanta group owner Anil Aggarwal has also donated Rs 100 crore. He tweeted that he was particularly concerned about the poor laborers. Anil Aggarwal is ranked 38th in the country for the richest person in Forbes list.

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