Modi made another master plan to win against this deadly corona virus

Friends, currently Corona cases are seeing day-to-day growth across the country. So far 4 people have been infected with Corona, out of which 3 have died. There are currently three teams formed by the Modi government for Corona. The task and responsibility of this committee is to draft preparations to deal with a situation like emergency.

These committees were formed by the Ministry of Home Affairs on Sunday. These committees include senior and experienced officials of Modi government. Of these, the first committee was formed for the Medical Emergency Management Plan. The team is led by NITI Aayog member Dr. Paul did

In addition, other committees have been formed to monitor, test and critique the availability of hospital, isolation and quarantine, and this corona problem. In addition, private sector and non-governmental organizations provide medical resources, access to food for the needy and medicines. Coordination committees have been formed with this.

Friends, when the government of our country is working so hard to protect us, it is also our duty to not let their efforts go in vain and fully support this decision taken by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pellu has a slogan, "India will fight together with Job, yet India will grow."


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