Lockdown If Corona is not closed, PM Modi can take it after lockdown

The corona virus, which originates in Wuhan, China, is showing its impact in India. Here the number of infected has also increased due to the effect of lockdown. Here the number of corona victims has reached 2567 and the death toll has increased to 72. The number of patients is increasing even after the decision of lockdown made by PM Modi. But even if the corona is not visible after the lockdown, PM Modi can take these 3 big decisions. This may include things like free corona detection, infection detection and increased lockdown times.


Corona ship in india

Amid lockout, the number of coronas in India is also increasing
If Corona does not control then PM Modi will take this 3 big decision
Corona Virus Free Detection

If Corona is not stopped, the government will take immediate action for every Indian. The WHO has said that India will be able to control the virus when it detects every person infected with the virus. In this case, the Indian government can free the corona test to check the infected people. Currently the cost of this test is 3500-5000 rupees.

Lockdown time may increase   

Positive cases of corona virus have been increasing since the lockout. In India, 72 people have died in Corona and the number of patients has crossed 2500. It is possible to get more government lockdowns on time. So that people avoid contact with each other and have less communication.

Detection of infected             

The WHO has already warned India that Corona will not be conquered through Locona, India will have to locate those infected with Corona and separate them from the public. In this case, the government can start a campaign for the infected and find these people and keep them separate.

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