Government of Gujarat 3 new school rules

Government of Gujarat 3 new school rules

Gujarat Government 3 New School Rules: 2020 | There is a shutdown in Gujarat due to blackout corona outbreak. And the futures are still being expressed in the coming days. Then detainees may be extended in the near future.

That is, the needs of students studying in school will be affected. The state government can take an important decision. Mass promotions can now be offered to students in grades 1 through 9 and 11.

After the Corona virus, the Romanian government can take important decisions for the education world. Now the government can new decide that teachers will not need to go to school. The government may also allow teachers to attend school. At the same time, the government has decided that STD students can be promoted on a large scale.

It may be mentioned that the number of positive cases of corona virus has increased to 30 in Gujarat. Of the 13 cases in Ahmedabad, one in five positive cases has died in Surat. Six cases have been registered in Vadodara and 4 in Gandhinagar. In Kutch and Rajkot, a positive case has been reported.

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Despite the increase in the number of positive cases in Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara, the effect of the lockdown was not seen on the people.

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