20.14 lakh farmers in the country will get Rs 36000 annually after retirement, you can also benefit

20.14 lakh farmers in the country will get Rs 36000 annually after retirement, you can also benefit

So far, 20,14,330 farmers have registered under the PM Mandhan Yojana, a pension scheme launched for farmers. Under the PM Kisan Manthan Yojana, after reaching the age of 60, the account holder gets a monthly pension of Rs. 3000 and Rs. 36 thousand per year. This scheme can prove to be the stick of aging for those farmers who depend only on agriculture. Especially poor farmers who have no other means of livelihood.


According to the Union Ministry of Agriculture, Haryana has the highest number of 4,22,487 farmers enrolled for the PM-Kisan Manthan Yojana. It is followed by Bihar. is. In Bihar, 2,85,960 farmers have participated in the scheme. Jharkhand ranks third with 2,46,447 registrations, Uttar Pradesh fourth with 2,45,516 farmers and Chhattisgarh fifth with 2,02,710 people. Only 112 farmers in Delhi are covered under the scheme. So far, only 75,636 farmers in Maharashtra have expressed confidence in the scheme.

According to the officials of the Union Ministry of Agriculture, there will be no fee for registration. If a farmer is availing the PM-Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme, no documents will be taken for this. The government will pay whatever premium the farmer pays. The minimum premium is 55 and the maximum is 200 rupees. If anyone wants to leave the policy in the meantime, the farmer will be paid a deposit and interest. If the farmer dies, his wife will get a pension of Rs 1,500 per month.

According to Agriculture Ministry officials, if a farmer wants to leave the scheme, his money will not be lost. By the time he leaves the scheme, the money deposited is entitled to the same interest as the savings account of the banks. If the policyholder farmer dies, his wife will continue to receive 50 percent. LIC will manage the pension fund of farmers.

To avail the pension scheme, the farmer has to go to the Common Service Center (CSC) and get it registered. A copy of Aadhaar card and Sat-12 will be required for registration. 2 photos and a bank passbook will also be required for registration. No separate fee will have to be paid to the farmer for registration. A unique farmer pension number and pension card will be created during registration

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