Non-cream layer of gujarat certificate online apply

 Non-cream layer of Gujarat certificate online apply

Gujarat Online Certificate Non-Cream Layer Apply: Friends! Non-Creamy Layer Certificate, also known as Other Backward Class Certificate, was introduced in 1993 by former Prime Minister V.P. Presented by Singh. By introducing this certificate, the friends have allocated some of the jobs in the central government and public sector for the people who hold this certificate. A non-cream layer certificate is issued to a person who has not committed any criminal offense in the past. A criminal record is used by the government to issue passports, driver's licenses, programs, social security and various other benefits. Governments issue caste certificates to officially confirm that a person belongs to a particular caste or community. Candidates belonging to Other Backward Class (OBC) are issued this non-cream layer certificate by the respective state authorities. In terms of reservations under OBC, families are further divided into creamy layer and non-creamy layer on the basis of annual income. Friends today in this article we will get complete information about how to get Non Creamy Layer certificate by filling offline form or online method. And complete information about what evidence is required to obtain this certificate can be found in this article below.

Non-cream layer Gujarat certificate

The Non-Criminal Certificate requirement is primarily for students, particularly when they have completed standard 12 studies and are applying for admission or any recruitment. However, a lot of their time is lost while extracting this certificate, based on which we have written this article so that you can easily get this certificate.

Non-cream layer of gujarat certificate online apply

Mitra Non-Creamy Layer Certificate is issued to the Finance Department Officer who is competent for the purpose and who can become Sub Divisional Magistrate/Tehsildar on submission of OBC application form along with necessary documents. Non-creamy layer certificate is awarded to OBC category candidates. The Non-Creamy Layer Certificate provides information on each candidate's estimated income. Non-Creamy Layer Certificate showing that the family income of any candidate from all sources does not exceed the limit (ie 6 lakhs). The given procedure will guide you to apply for Non-Creamy Layer Certificate in Gujarat. This certificate can be obtained by completing the following online or offline form. You don't have to stand in long queues for this certificate and you don't have to pay any other expenses, now you can get this certificate by applying online from home.

Non Creamy Layer Certificate Eligibility in Gujarat

To obtain the NCL (Non-Creamy Layer) certificate, the applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • He should be a permanent resident of the state of Gujarat.
  • The applicator of the non-cream layer must be an Indian citizen.
  • Applicant's family income is Rs. It should be 6 million.

Non-Cream Layer Certification Documents Required in Gujarat:

The following documents are required to obtain the Friends Non-Criminal Certificate:

As proof of identity (any):

A valid copy of your passport

A valid copy of the voter ID card.

Any government document containing a photograph of a citizen

Driving license

Government Photo ID / Photo ID issued by PSU

Correct copy of Income Tax PAN card.

The image ID provided by the perceived learning device

As proof of residence (any):

  • Ration card
  • A valid copy of your passport
  • Post office account statement / pass book
  • A valid copy of the voter ID card.
  • A true copy of the electricity bill.
  • Driving license
  • Official water bill with receipt
  • Any bank pass book OR Canceled cheque
  • original copy of phone bill
  • Government Photo ID / Photo ID issued by PSU

As proof of race (any):

  • Self-attested caste certificate from relevant authorities
  • Copy of School Leaving Certificate (L.C.)
  • Correct copy of Matriculation Certificate of father / uncle / aunt

As proof of income (any):

  • Receipt of receipt
  • Certified copy of municipality reg. no. 7/12, no. 8-A and No. 6 for which the land was taken over
  • The most recent pay stub goes beyond a copy of your tax return for the last three years
  • As further evidence
  • Talati's recommendation
  • Punchnam
  • Copy of caste certificate of father / uncle / aunt
  • Other required documents

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Non Cream Layer Gujarat Certificate Online Apply: Click Here

  • Apply online to get non cream layer certificate in Gujarat this way
  • To start the application, the applicant must visit the official website of Digital Gujarat Portal.
  • Once opened, the applicant must register on the portal to proceed with the application process. So if you are coming to the digital portal for the first time then you need to do a new registration on the official digital Gujarat portal.
  • To perform a new registration, the applicant must click on the "New Registration" button. You will then need to fill in the required details and then click on the “SAVE” button.
  • After registering on the portal, the applicant should enter the ID and password in the "Login" field on the home page to login and use the services. After that, you need to click on the “Income” button and then on the “More” button, where a menu bar will appear.
  • Then the Digital Services page will appear by clicking on the “Non Creamy Layer” button.
  • Then click on "Continue" button for online service request.
  • Now on the next page you will see the applicant ID and application number and fill the required details.
  • Then click the "Next" button.
  • Then upload a copy of all required documents to the portal.
  • After successfully uploading the documents, the user must check the confirmation box. Then click the “Submit” button to complete the application process.
  • Now that the application form is processed, the applicant will see a number on the screen to take a printout for future reference.
  • The status of your application can also be viewed through this number.

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