Banking Correspondent Sakhi yojna 2020 Full Details

Banking Correspondent Sakhi yojna 2020 Full Details

Central and state governments are running many schemes for employment, empowerment and development of poor and rural women. The Banking Correspondent Sakhi scheme was launched on 22 May 2020 in Uttar Pradesh.

 Under this scheme, employment will be provided to the women of the region. They also get financial help. The scheme aims at providing employment to migrant laborers as well as improving the banking system of the region.

what is the plan
The full name of Sakhi scheme is banking correspondent Sakhi scheme. Under this Sakhi scheme, banking facilities will
be enhanced in villages. Under this scheme, the women of the village will have to join the bank and provide door-to-door information of money transactions. The government has targeted to provide employment to about 58,000 women under this scheme.

58 thousand women will get employment
Under this scheme, Sakhi is ready to be deployed to provide banking services in rural areas. The scheme will be launched by around 58 thousand banking credentials. This friend will be given a commission in exchange for work. The scheme employs women who are financially weak.

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How will you get benefits?
Financially weaker women will be included in this scheme. Which will provide banking facilities to the people in the village. These women will get a salary of Rs 4,000 per month for 6 months. Apart from this, people will also get commission to conduct banking transactions. It is also expected to improve the banking system.

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