GPS Map & Live Locations App

GPS Map & Live Locations App

Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel Navigation is the free GPS navigation app for your trips and routes. Great search makes your travel planning easy and GPS navigation with live maps makes your driving fast and simple. The instruction is easy to follow so that you always arrive at your target destination. Free navigation app that provides online facility that creates the ultimate navigation experience.

Traffic information and driving and walking routes
Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel Navigation application is an essential app for travel, tourists and those dependent on GPS navigation and maps direction. GPS maps, navigation and direction are very helpful for offline route finding, location finding, shortest route, 2D map and finding nearest public place for internet. Save your route with the GPS new Route Saving feature of this mapping app. The quick GPS navigation online map is very useful and complete with travel guide features.

Real-time route sharing and navigation
You can go anywhere in the world with the Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel Navigation app.
This navigation app provides offline location saving option maps of all countries in the world and the best travel options along the route. Track, car, with live satellite 3D map and street view, and inside voice and voice instructions updated as shopping planners, large markets and airport approaches, as well as route planners 2D and 3D Track for tourists traveling by bicycle. , Train, or with public bus transport with automatic re-routing and correct traffic facility.

QR and bar code scanner
QR and barcode scanner is the fastest from there. QR and barcode scanner is a simple app for every Android device. QR Code Reader is very easy to use only the point you want to point to QR or barcode and the app will automatically detect and scan it. There is no need to press a button take a photo and adjust the zoom.

Navigate anytime, any time
Explore world map of india, map of london, united states map with live satellite view of buildings. Find your home and search all places and around the world Favorites tourists, hospitals, and businesses, shopping malls or other live locations with live street view, street panorama direction and satellite view. If you want to go to other nearby public place for your stay, ATM, hospital, restaurant, airport, bus stop, metro station, railway station, gym, hotel etc. can easily get a location, a route Can make and go there. Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel Navigation and Navigation Earth Map will help you get distance, route with time calculator, road map view. Live satellite view GPS map using travel navigation and track world location more accurately.

Online maps of all countries of the world
Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel Navigation GPS Finder is updated service mapping, draw route, Earth satellite view, 2D driving route, 3D Earth image and application equipped with tracker and advanced technology for better travel guidance.
It is presenting imagery of the great satellite map. . When you are driving a car, you can get excellent driving directions. Live Satellite View GPS Map Travel navigation and 2D drive route applications are allowed to use live traffic map with live traffic status to avoid traffic, road conditions, and turn-by-turn updates.

 App Features: -

- Easy and simple.
- Route saving facility.
- Offline map with route and navigation.
- Get your current location.
- Route guidance with voice direction.
- Offline route finder with GPS location.
- Voice navigation with free GPS navigation.
- Find and draw the shortest 2D routes.
- Search for the nearest public place with navigation for driving.
- Save your travel history.
- Available free for Android mobile.
- You can drive a car ride a bike or even if you want to walk new different routes.
- Draw on the map according to your choice and preference.
- We are offering real-time navigation on offline maps worldwide.

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