Hash! The prisoners do not have to fight, paan-spice shops will open in these areas

Hash! The prisoners do not have to fight, paan-spice shops will open in these areas

The corona virus is currently widespread across the country, while the country has been shut down in phases one, two and three to prevent the spread of the virus. Due to which at present, most of the population of the country is imprisoned in homes. At such times, it is inconvenient to deal with the necessities of life. However, there is some relief in allowing certain types of items. But amidst all this, as can be said to be the best news for the captives of Gujarat, pan-masala shops are currently allowed in Gujarat.

Pan masala shops will open in areas with green zone

In Gujarat and especially Saurashtra, the practice of eating pan masala is so high that people are saying that betel lumps should be opened, whether the lockout is open or not. The good news for paan masala lovers is that paan kiosks are allowed to be opened in Gujarat. . But the condition is that in Gujarat, Panna Galla is allowed to open only in the Green Zone area.

Shops will open in these areas

Let us tell you that the Central Government today released a list of zone districts in the state and country, under which this district comes under this zone. Under which there are five districts in the Green Zone in Gujarat, where Pan Masala shops will be opened. These five districts include Morbi, Amreli, Porbandar, Junagadh, Dwarka.

સંપુર્ણ  માહીતીમાટે અહિં ક્લિક કરો.

Three lockouts have been announced across the country. However, buses are expected to ply during the bandh in five districts of the state. Out of the 33 districts of the state, five districts have been declared as Green Zone and 50 percent of the buses will be able to run as per the guidelines for Green Zone. While there is some significant relief in the Orange Zone as well. Under which two wheelers have been allowed to travel in the Orange Zone. Taxi service is permitted in the Orange Zone with two passengers.

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