Photo and Voice Quick Translation App

Photo and Voice Quick Translation App

Translate: Camera Translator best app offline translation supports voice, text, and camera translation in more than 60 languages. Use it every day for business, travel, education, and more…


* NEW * Children's Translator

With new baby translator features, understand your baby tongue and learn why your baby cries: it offers 6 categories of crying translator: diapers, hunger, cuddling, hugging, sleeping, and others.


* NEW * pet translator

It is human to be a cat, cat to a human, and a translator for dogs. This cat translator, dog to human, fur, bucket, meow expression, and human translator to dog translates animal language to understand what your pet is telling you.

NEW ** Learn a new word

When learning a new language, it is important to learn as many words as possible. That's why this translation app will display a new word on your lock screen regularly to help you memorize.


* NEW * Translation option on copy menu

If you copy text from any app or website you browse to your phone, in the copy menu, under copy, past, cut options you will get the translation option now with this app, the selected text translation will pop up, as easy as possible!

* Translate pictures

* Translate pictures

* Translate items

* Translate jokes

* Translate texts

* Translate the word

* Translate ads

* Translate screenshots

* Translate infographics

* Translate handwritten notes

* Translate symbols

* Translate scan

* Translate conversations and discussions

* Translate text from an image

* Translate pro for free

* Translate Children's Language

* Cry translator


No more language barriers! Have fun, live your life and learn new things. Offline Mode Use will allow you to translate offline.


Translate: Camera Translator, offline translation apps come ready for when:

• You are about to get something tattooed on your bicep, and you do not want the Chinese word “soup” to permanently damage your temple. Just point at your camera and take a picture and translate it into a Chinese character the tattoo artist is showing you and make sure it really means "courage."

Translate: Camera Translator, an offline translation interface that allows you to take and send pictures directly to translators to quickly translate into your native language.


You can use your phone's camera to translate text to the world around you with the Translate: Camera Translator, Offline Translation program


For example, you can translate symbols, handwritten notes, chats, speech, voice, speech, translate text from pictures, pictures and text quickly.


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You can go anywhere you like. Voice-to-Word Translation is a great feature to help you connect with people around the world with Translate: Camera Translator, offline translation.


Turn your camera into a translator. Take a picture and translate it with a single tap. Translation text will be provided directly to the image and translate the text from the image 


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