If you do not have a PUC, the RC will be confiscated

 If you do not have a PUC, the RC will be confiscated

The central government is clamping down on those who violate vehicle pollution standards. Bringing a new system from January next year. Where PUC certificate is not available, vehicle registration certificate ie RC will be confiscated.

The Ministry of Road Transport has released a draft in this regard on 27 November, inviting suggestions from other stakeholders before making the PUC system online. The process will be completed in the next two months.

People familiar with the development said that according to the new system, information about the vehicle owner will be uploaded to a server linked to the automotive database. Thus it would be very difficult for people to continue using their own vehicles without PUC certification.

Vehicle users will have to provide their mobile number, based on which they will get a one-time password (OTP). Only after providing the OTP to the working user will the center be able to generate a form. Which will reduce the chances of playing fouls.

According to the proposed system, it will be mandatory to renew the vehicle's PUC within the stipulated time. If users do not carry a valid PUC certificate, they will be given 7 days. Failure to obtain a valid certificate within this period will result in the seizure of WOW RC.

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Most officers can also inspect their own vehicles if they are found emitting excessive smoke. Users will be given 7 days to order their vehicles. This new rule will also apply to commercial vehicles in India.

Steps are being taken to control the level of air pollution. Which have reached alarming levels in the last few weeks. Delhi's air quality deteriorated on Saturday.

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