PUBG Mobile is coming back to India

 PUBG Mobile is coming back to India

PUBG Mobile is coming back to India. South Korean company PUBG  coming back to India Corporation has announced that the company will bring a new game to the Indian market, which is made only for India. This new time the company will not have any partnership with the Chinese company.

Big news about PUBG Mobile

PUBG will be relaunched in India

Announces 100 million investment in India

According to PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile  coming back to  India will be launched in India. The company says that the new app will follow data security well. The company is also ready to invest heavily in India.

PUBG Corporation Press Release

An official press report released by PUBG Corporation stated, "PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean company Krafton (PUBG), today announced that it is preparing to launch PUBG Mobile India in India.

According to PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile India is specifically designed for India. The company also said that it would give users an aerial experience for safe and healthy play.

PUBG has also announced that the company will create a subsidiary in India so that it can communicate better with users. PUBG of India will appoint 100 employees. For this, local offices will be set up and the company will run a gaming service here in collaboration with a local business.

Will invest 100 crores in India

Crafton Inc., the parent company of PUBG Corporation, has announced an investment of ₹ 100 million in India. These investments will be made in local sports, e-games, entertainment and IT industries. The company claims that this new investment will be the largest investment made by any Korean company in India.

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ગુજરાતીમાં માહિતી માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

It was banned in India due to data security and tension with China, so the company used to run the game in India in association with the Chinese company Tencent as a publisher, but now it will not, in other countries, the company Tencent's Will continue to work together.

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