Indian SOS Women Safety emergency helps App

 Indian SOS Women Safety emergency helps App

SOS Indian Women Safety App helps protect women from emergency situations.

Indian Women Safety App has been developed to protect the lives of people in any emergency situations. In case of any unsafe situation, simply tap the SOS button to raise emergency SOS alerts for trusted contacts saved in the application. SOS alerts will notify you in the form of SMS that you are insecure and need help. The SMS contains the exact current GPS location along with the user's address along with the Google Maps link.

 Reliable contacts can use this Google Maps link to get directions and navigate to the exact location of the distressed person. The application can be used for your personal safety, female safety and child safety.

Women safety app tips for women safety, tips to avoid danger, Indian Penal Code section and videos related to women which helps for self defense.

To send an SOS alert to trusted contacts, the user must accept certain permissions that indicate in the application. These granted permissions allow the application to receive location details, read contacts, make calls, and send SMS.

• SOS emergency alert
• Women Safety Tips
• Tips to avoid threats
• self defense video
• IPC Section related to Women Safety

 Why on this app?
• works without internet
• SMS based
• Also works in low network signals
• No user data has been collected in the background
• very light weight

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Women safety application is for SOS alert in case of any emergency. Therefore the developer is not responsible for any misuse of the application.

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