The number plate rule will change from October 30

The number plate rule will change from October 30

In Delhi, it has become mandatory for every vehicle to have a high security registration plate (HSRP) and a color code sticker before April 1, 2019. Vehicle owners must apply before October 30.

After this, penalty of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 will be imposed for not applying HSRP. If you want to avoid this problem, then take the help of online process of simple steps given here.

  • Number plate rules will change from 30 October
  • With the help of online process, you will get relief
  • The fine for the number plate can range from 5000 to 10000

HSRP prices vary for different vehicles, such as Rs 600-1000 for a car and Rs 300-400 for a two-wheeler. You can also apply for HSRP using the online process.

To apply for a high security number plate, first go to

Here you will find 2 options of private vehicle and commercial vehicle. Here you choose the option.

If you click on Private Vehicle, you have to select from Petrol, Diesel, Electric Vehicles, CNG and CNG and Petrol (CNG + Petrol).

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Clicking on petrol type will open the category of vehicles. In this, you have to choose one of the options of bike, car, scooter, auto, heavy vehicles.
Now you have to choose the vehicle company. Click on the company that owns your vehicle.

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