20 lakh people will get jobs, picture of 4.5 lakh villages will be changed in 1000 days

20 lakh people will get jobs, picture of 4.5 lakh villages will be changed in 1000 days

Surat is going to transform around 4.5 lakh villages of the country in the next 1000 days. In the next 1000 days, new opportunities will be available for women and youth in these villages. About 20 lakh jobs will be created under this scheme. The special thing is that these jobs will be in the village. The youth need not leave their village and go to the city for this.

Laying of optical fiber has been completed in 1.5 lakh villages
Not only this, after 1000 days, the people of the village do not have to go to the city for every work and go round the government offices. This will be possible as these villages will go digital. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on August 15 that the laying of optical fiber cabling in all villages would be completed in the next 1000 days. Currently, optical fiber laying has been completed in about 1.5 lakh villages in the country. The work of connecting the remaining 4.5 lakh villages with optical fiber cable is going on.

How will Surat village change
Dinesh Tyagi, CEO of the Common Service Center working under the Ministry of IT and Electronics, said that with the arrival of optical fiber in these villages, a common service center would be opened in each village. The opening of the center will provide employment to at least five people. This will provide employment to at least 20 lakh people. With the opening of CSC, villagers will get some facilities ranging from punishment to treatment. They will not have to go to the city for every job. One village labor entrepreneur will be appointed in each village. Arrangements will be made to sell the crops of the villagers at home. Banking facilities will also be available in the village.

Benefits of optical fiber
Dinesh Tyagi said that the advent of optical fiber will increase internet speed and ease of operation of desktop. Villagers will be able to distribute their products through e-commerce. The government may also allow it to be linked to government e-markets for sale to village-based producers. But this will be possible when the internet speed is higher which will be possible with the help of optical fiber.

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All villages will be connected under BharatNet program
According to experts, the economy is likely to pick up during broadband speed during or after the Corona period. According to the Department of Telecommunications, the work of connecting all the villages with optical fiber is going on under the BharatNet program, which is lagging behind schedule. But now the Prime Minister himself has set a target of 1000 days. Therefore, this work will definitely be completed on time. According to experts, to make the country self-reliant, cable access is necessary in every village of the country.

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