Apply Gujarat Land Mutations Varsai Hayati Check Online

Apply Gujarat Land Mutations Varsai Hayati Check Online

Implementing Gujarat Land ann new Mutation Varsai and Hayati through e Dhara Kendra new Gujarat Land Mutation Right to Record (7/12 or 8A) refers to the registration of the name of the property owner, transferring title ownership. process. Property or land from one person to another. The Bombay Land Revenue new Code, 1879 governs the process of land mutation in Gujarat. Land mutation is an important process in all legal transactions involving property. Through converting a land in Gujarat, the owner will acquire the rights to the land, and the property details will be revised in the revenue records (7/12 and 8A) as well as the Gujarat Mutations Register. In this article, we will look at the mutation of Gujarat land in detail.

The application process for completing Gujarat Land Mutations through e-Dhara Center is explained below:
Step 1: The applicant has to submit an application in the prescribed format to the center manager.
To download the mutation application go to the home page of the revenue department of Gujarat. From the home page, click on E-Dhara Forms.
In a new page, the list of e-Dhara applications will be displayed. By clicking on the download option, you can get a printed copy of the application form.

Step 2: On receipt of the application, consistency of application details will be checked with postal address, telephone number of Khattar, necessary attached supporting documents, computer data. cGet acknowledgment receipt
Step 3: The operator enters the original details from the application to the computer and makes two copies of the acknowledgment receipt. The applicant gets a copy of the receipt. Verification by the owner

Step 4: E-Dhara Deputy Mamlatdar will verify the application details, supporting documents and original details and authenticate biometrically. The system generates a unique mutation entry number and mutation note.
Step 5: The e-Dhara Deputy Mamlatdar verifies and performs biometric authentication. The operator will generate a notice from the system and keep it with a mutation case file. Verification by search
Step 6: Talati will collect mutation files from e-Dhara center. He / she follows the mutation process, that is, to give notice and receive acknowledgment from the party and wait for 30 days.
Step 7: After the approval of the competent authority, the mutation file will be submitted to the e-Dhara Center for further processing.

Step 8: When the process is complete, the mutation file becomes a permanent record in the e-record record room.
Issue of ROR
Frying issues a new 7/12, a copy of 8A, six accounts to the applicant on account and demand.
Land Mutation (Varsai / Hayati) Documents:

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