The Modi government changed this rule amid Corona crisis, affecting 75 million people

The corona virus has caused a lock-down situation across the world, including India. People are also thinking about moving out of their homes and keeping groceries. At this stage, the Modi government at the Center has taken a major decision. The rule will benefit 75 million people in the country and allow them to store 6 months of groceries instead of 2 months.

Modi government changed decision on Corona crisis
75 million people getting cheap food grains will benefit
Can be filled 6 months instead of 6 months

Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said that this new rule of the Modi government will allow 75 crore people entitled to get cheap food grains to buy 6 months of groceries simultaneously. Currently they can take a maximum ration of 2 months together. There is sufficient stock of food grains in our warehouses. We have asked each state government and union territories to allow the poor to get six months of food together.

The decision is made to stop the corona virus

Paswan said that the decision was taken to prevent the transmission of corona virus so that poor people would not have trouble getting food when a ban is implemented. Currently, the Punjab government has given six months ration permit to the people

Godown currently has so much stock

According to Paswan, there are currently more than 4.35 million tonnes of grain in the government warehouse. Which greatly increases the need for safe buffer stock. Of this, 272.19 lakh tonnes of rice and 162.79 lakh tonnes of wheat. 135 million tonnes of rice and 74.2 lakh tonnes of wheat are believed to be safe in the buffer for the public distribution system in April.

The government's decision has come at a time when people are pouring ration water into their homes in India due to fear of corona virus. Ram Vilas Paswan said that the government has enough food in view of the Corona virus crisis. And people have no need to worry about it

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