Throat cancer can be cured in just 50 rupees.

The doctor said with great pride. Why is there a device called AUM? Dr. Rao says - "In ancient times, he was known as" Om ". 'A' means creation, 'U' means livelihood and 'Me' means destruction. Based on these three things , The world is on the verge of losing. The voice box, when this device is delivered to the patient, is reborn, as if the universe originated from Om.

Dr. Rao is an oncologist and Head and Neck Disease Surgeon at Health Care Global (HCG) Cancer Center in Bangalore. Usually, for the fetus, the cost of the prosthesis is Rs. 15,000 to Rs. Get 30000 and they have to be changed every 6 months. But Dr. Rao's prosthesis costs only 50 rupees. Dr. Vishal Rao's voice is made up of prosthetic limb silicone devices. When the patient's entire voice box or lizard is removed, this device helps them to speak. During or after surgery, the air pipe and food pipe are separated and separated.

These devices are then placed there. Dr. Rao reported that the sound coming from the lungs illuminates the waves in the sound box. Pregnancy can cause tremors in the food pipe, which helps to speak. Rao recalls - “This man had not eaten food for a month and could not even speak properly. After surgery, the voice box was removed from his throat. And it was hard to pay for prosthetics. When they came to see me, they were angry and lost their lives. "Rao promised to help him: first but Dr. Rao came as a patient,

It was wanted by chemists, collecting money and then donating it to patients. A friend of the patient state, Shashank said that managing your money, Dr. Rao would and they asked him a serious question. "Why do you trust all these people? Why don't you make any treatment or equipment for such patients?

"Rao knew that it was beyond his ability. He created a machine to make Tantraya about his imagination. He did not have it. Shashank was a businessman and did not have the skills that Dr. Rao had. Was. Dr. Rao devised all the technicalities. Plans and Shashank turned it into reality. Shashank called him to help Dr. Rao.

I never liked giving poor clothes to the poor, because despite being poor they deserve more than this. Similarly, because my patients are weak, I do not want to make low-level equipment for them. After all, he is also a patient, he has the right to get the best treatment. So we used the best materials to make this tool "Dr. Rao and Shashank have filed to patent the device. This device will be available in the market from next month. The Scientific and Ethical Committee of HCG has approved it for use by patients. Initially, the device would be allowed to use 30 patients for investigational purposes. The sounds are artificially expensive because they are purchased from abroad.

Dr. It took Rao and Shashank nearly two years to build this device. The cost was so low that poor patients could use it.  he says. We cannot accept the voice of any of his patients because he is poor. "Dr. Rao has used it on 3 patients so far.

Doctors want to improve this device so that cancer hospitals across the country can use it. Prosthesis Side Stretch "I first used it on a panaceist watchdog. Two years ago we raised money for our prosthesis. The device should only be used for 6 months but up to 2 years due to poor usage. I used AUM vice prosthesis on it. One day he called me on night duty and said that the machine is working well and he is very happy. I loved it so much

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