Open pipeline subsidy

Open pipeline subsidy

Subsidy  is an English word for the Hindi translation meaning subsidy which means financial assistance or exemption provided by it, which is usually provided for the purpose of benefiting and promoting the economic and social sectors.

The subsidy helps many people in the country if this subsidy can reach the people who need it. It does not reach them due to corruption in the country.

The government of any country provides many types of subsidies so that it can develop the economically backward people of its country because the development of the people of the country has a direct impact on the development of the government. There are many benefits of subsidies offered by the government.

-Production subsidy         

-Sansar / Consumption Subsidy

-Export Subsidy

-Import subsidy

-Employment subsidy

-Tax Subsidy

-Transport Subsidy

-Ol subsidy

Subsidy Subsidy Subsidy Objective

- Administrator multiplicity etc.

Production increases in the country

- Promotes social welfare

- Employment opportunities arise

-Politics benefit

- Help the farmers

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