Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana 2022 - Free Bicycle Girls' SC Program in Std. 9

 Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana 2022 - Free Bicycle Girls' SC Program in Std. 9

Gujarat Saraswati Sadhana Yojana 2022 - Free Bicycle Girls' SC Program in Std. 9 (Free Bike Scheme), 9th grade girls from the SC class to get free bikes for the Sarasvati Sadhana Scheme

Gujarat government. decided to use Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana 2022 for girls. Under this program, all girls in Classroom and Grade 9 will receive free bikes under Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana. Department of Social Justice and Empowerment is a major department. successfully use this free bike program for SC girls in Gujarat.

Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana (SSY) in Gujarat aims to promote the enrollment of 14- to 18-year-old girls in secondary and tertiary level. The program will reduce dropout rates among girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in the community.

Here we will tell you the need, impact and provision of Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana beneficiaries in Gujarat province.

Gujarat Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana 2022

Primary education (Grade 10) is an important phase in education as it lays the foundation for students in higher education and even academics. According to research reports, the majority of girls who dropped out of school for disadvantaged people dropped out of school due to a lack of appropriate resources. Therefore, in order to encourage girls from the SC community to continue their education, the provincial government. of Gujarat introduces Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana 2022 to provide free cycling to SC girls in the 9th grade government. / government. assisted schools.


This free cycle program is used to promote girls' education.

Eligibility criteria:

Girls in 9th grade high school are available.

Help pattern:

Girl students studying at Std.IX are offered free rounds.

Net worth:

Rs.1,20000 / - in rural areas.

Rs.1,50000 / - in urban areas.

Only those girls in Grade 9 are eligible. The annual income of SC girl girl parents from all sources should not exceed Rs. 1,20,000 in rural areas and Rs. 1,50,000 to make urban areas eligible for Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana in Gujarat. It is important to note that only those girls who meet both conditions can get free bikes.

Gujarat Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana aims to improve the total enrollment of class IX. The program will improve girls' education as the problem of lack of access, reduced participation and low-level resources will be addressed through Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana. The level of girls 'education and the overall level of girls' education will be improved.

Gujarat SC Girls Free Bicycle Scheme 2022

Experimental studies of the SC Girls' Free Bicycle Scheme in Gujarat said the program is a blessing for the girls. Sarasvati Sadhana Yojana in Gujarat will increase the enrollment and attendance of girls in schools as these girls will now be riding these cycles to reach schools.

The Sarasvati Sadhana Scheme can contribute to both resolving / reducing concerns related to the safety of girls and their parents which will enhance the enrollment and presence of girls in the 9th grade.

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ઓનલાઇન ફોર્મ અરજી કરવા માટે અહીં


Director, Caste Social Security Number - 4, 2nd Floor, Dr. Jivraj Mehta Bhavan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat (India).

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