Kids All in One Gujarati App

 Kids All in One Gujarati App

The Kids All in One Gujarati App is a package that helps your kids improve their nursery knowledge by learning and remembering various basic things about the school curriculum or their lessons in Gujarati language.

The app includes various categories like English and Gujarati languages, puzzles, fruits, vegetables, animals, colors, shapes, flowers, numbers, birds, months, days of the week, travel, direction, body parts, sports, festivals, countries and much much more. The Kids All in One Gujarati app has transformed learning from classroom to home.

Kid All in One Gujarati is simple and easy to use. Ask your child to swipe the pictures around the screen to see and hear the pronunciation. Stunning graphics, beautiful colors, beautiful animation and excellent background music make the game fun and make kids curious.

Parents can also spend time with their children, learning English words for each section and keeping their child active in education and recreation. We very much hope that parents will not be jealous because we did not get this kind of fun education and we just had to go through boring books.

A child to play and practice with easy insertion, subtraction, multiplication and division all in one Gujarati app. Download now and play for free on Android! Improve your child's math skills or learn to count numbers. These games are so simple and easy that even young children can play them

The most important thing in the app is that young paint kids have fun with paint brushes. It is always interesting for children to play drawings, they can change and change color many times. Kindergartens can build their world with drawings and sketches.

Paint will enhance your child's creativity with a colorful world of pictures. Like your little ones, Color Paint has 20+ paint stickers to make the painting even more beautiful.

The in-app has a real compass reading direction. Compass gives you directions north, east, west and south. Very easy to use.

Kid All in One Gujarati has three different puzzles for Image Move, Jigsaw Puzzle and Tic Tac Toe. Image Move classic, square, and circular pieces to create puzzles with vivid illustrations and pieces of different shapes and sizes. Jigsaw takes learning seriously by choosing to drag and discard puzzles of objects specially designed for children. The Tic Tac Toe game is a two-player game, which places spaces in a 3 × 3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three matching points in a horizontal, vertical or vertical line wins the game.

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important features

• Gujarati learning apps.

• Gujarati Kids Educational app

• There are different types of classes in one app.

• Attractive designs and pictures for kids

• Children learn to recognize objects by name

• Pronunciation of vocabulary skills in the relevant education of the child

• Free free days for kids

• Kindergarten educational games

• Intelligent apps for kids

• Character sound

• Fun games and apps for kids in kindergarten

• Size and color

• letters and numbers

• talking characters

• educational puzzle

• The organs of the human body for education

• A child learns proper Gujarati words

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Help parents teach their children

• Train Memory

• improve pronunciation

• Your child can easily wander around aloneaa

• Ability to mute audio when needed

• Easy swipe to navigate between different objects

• Beautiful pictures

• The game is designed for easy handling

• Your child will learn very quickly with this unique app!

Offline access allows you to play

• Tablet supported

• Jigsaw puzzles

• Tic tac uzwane

• move a picture

• Smart Compass

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