Government of India launches messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

 Government of India launches messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

The central government promoting Swadeshi in India has launched the Swadeshi instant messaging app. However it will still be for the use of government employees. The latter will be available to the general public.

Message from India to hit WhatsApp

Government of India launched message app

Will be available to general public in near future

The Indian government has launched a messaging app to compete WhatsApp. The Sandesh app is being tested. In the year 2020, Union Minister Ravi Shankar announced that soon we will be bringing WhatsApp collision app. Which has started appearing now. Information about this app can be obtained by visiting the official website

Now if you go to, you will get information about the message app, how to sign in, privacy policy and information related to OTP. This government chat app will be called the government instant messaging system. The government will soon make this app available to the general public.

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According to the report, some officials may still use it, the messaging app will be rolled out on both Android and iPhone platforms. It will be like any other app. But millions of people in India use WhatsApp. It will be interesting to see how they get into it.

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