Mother Watan Scheme Official Circular for Gujarat Village Development 2020

 Mother Watan Scheme Official Circular for Gujarat Village Development 2020

Mother Watan Scheme Official Circular for Gujarat Village Development 2020 Finance Minister Nitin Patel announced today that under the Mother Watan Yojana Witch, the state government will contribute for the amount donated by private donors for development works in villages.

Facilities like school, class room, smart class, anganwadi, crematorium, clinic, road, drinking water tank, village pond, drain system, public toilets, library, community hall, panchayat ghar etc. attract donations from those private donations Places who want to contribute to their core. The government has decided to contribute the same amount from its own treasury under the Madre Watan scheme.

Finance Minister Nitin Patel announced the provision of Rs. 200 crores for this scheme.

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