Gujarat Board Std. 9 to 12 course reduced by 30%,

Gujarat Board Std. 9 to 12 course reduced by 30%,

Gujarat Board Std. Corona, Std. 9 to 12 courses reduced by 30% due to, 10-12 board exam May 20 and Std. The 9-11 exam will be held in June.

Due to the current corona situation, this new rule will only be applicable for one year

In online education, students will be taught the entire course, but only 70% will be asked

The Government of Gujarat has reduced the syllabus of Std. The government has decided to reduce the curriculum, giving partial relief to students due to the global epidemic of Corona. In particular, the study is ongoing online, as students in the state are currently unable to attend school due to corona. Not only that, in the current online education, students will be taught the entire syllabus, but only 70% of the syllabus will be asked in the board paper, Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said.

Study rule will be applicable for one year only

The state government has reduced the student curriculum in Gujarat by 30 percent for one year. Due to the current corona situation, this rule will only be applicable for one year. Not only this, students of standard 10 and 12 will be able to take stress-free exams. However, the Gujarat government is yet to decide on when the schools will start, but according to the SOP of the Center, a decision can be taken to start the school after Diwali.

A decision that relieves students

When the standard 9 to 12 syllabus has been reduced, the examination will not cover the reduced syllabus issues. However its teaching teachers will have to pay attention to the academic interest of the students. Special care has been taken to ensure that students do not face any difficulty in competitive examination due to low syllabus.

To be taken in the month of May. 10th and 12th examination

Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama announced that a 30 percent reduction in syllabus has been done in the interest of students. Students now focus on 70 percent of the curriculum. Between the corona epidemic, the government to conduct 10th and 12th examinations in the month of May and Std. 9 and STDs. The 11th exam is scheduled to be held in June. On 21 May, S.D. 10th and 12th examinations will begin.

Course information will be released soon

In the coming time, detailed information will be released by the board about which standard has been canceled from the syllabus of the examination this year. This information will be sent to each school by the District Education Officer, besides these details will also be made public on the board's website.

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Just 3 months ago, he said that the course could be shortened due to the Koro epidemic in Gujarat. We then said that if schools reopen in September, one option for the school curriculum is to reduce the curriculum by 20%. If the schools are to reopen in October, the curriculum will have to be reduced by 50%. Schools that reopen in November will have to reduce their curriculum by 40% or less. If schools in Gujarat open on November 14 before the Diwali festival, then the mid-term holiday will also have to be cut.

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