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 Government of India officials decided and launched the Arogya Setu Seva App on 2 April 2020. To alert you and keep you safe, the Government of India has launched the Arogya Setu App. The app is privacy-first by design and is currently available in 11 different languages. With Arogya Setu, let us go one step further to protect ourselves, our family and loved ones. Note that your data will only be shared with the government


Arogya Setu, Sarkar's COVID Tracker App. It is helping the government increase contact, tracing and alerts if someone is in the vicinity of someone who was tested COVID-19 positive. In addition, the panel is also looking at data obtained by six drone companies that are working with authorities to disinfect contaminated areas, manage congestion and provide medical supplies in many states. From below given link, candidates can easily download Arogya Setu Mobile App.

Launched by the Government of India
App Name Arogya Setu App (Coronavirus Government App India)
The purpose of app tracing of corona virus-infected people and high-risk locations
Current version 1.0.3
Release date 2 April 2020
Application Size 3.6 Megabytes
Total Installation 1,000,000+
App Type Android / iOS
Authorization of app NIC e-village mobile app
Official site

Arogya Setu Mobile App Working
The Aarogya Setu Seva app will only detect fresh Corona cases and will only alert those who have been around the infected person. This app will help in finding the parameters along with the technology used through voice. This includes the use of ultra-modern Bluetooth technology, algorithms and artificial intelligence. This app will help the government to take timely steps to assess the risk of COVID-19 infection and quarantine the concerned person or area if necessary. This app is available in 11 languages. It has been launched on both Android and iOS platforms.

Arogya Setu Description in Hindi and Review
you're safe
Low risk of coronavirus infection
Your risk level is based on the access assessment data you have provided and the proximity of an infected person.
Please check Aarogya Setu Mobile App Regulatory to be updated with COVID-19 cases.
Be careful but do not worry.
How to download and use Arogya Setu Seva App?
Candidates can download the Arogya Setu Mobile App by following the steps given below.

If you are an Android Phone user, then you have to open Google Play Store on your mobile. From there search the Arogya Setu App. Then, you can check the screen below.

As soon as your result appears on the screen, you can click on the GET button.
Once the app is installed, switch to your phone's Bluetooth and GPS.
Grant permissions for your Aarogya Setu Seva App. Now, your device will detect your phone by default.

As soon as the app is launched with 11 languages, you choose your language after installation.
To use the app, it is necessary to register on the app with your mobile number. After this, you will have to enter other information like your name, age, profession, international travel history.
Through which your app will suggest COVID-19 alerts.
The secondary app will check your location with the help of GPS. It will check your location around six feet and the app will intimate you if you are near an infected or suspicious person.
As a result, your Arogya Setu mobile app will show alerts when you are at high risk.

It will advise you to make an appointment at a nearby testing center to call the toll-free number @ 1075.
If you have tested positive for COVID-19, the app will share your data with the Indian government. If there is a case, your details will not be shared with any third party.

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